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Verb finder is a smart tool, which is simple to use with no downloads. It works with all kinds of text. If you are a student, you can use verb finder in essay; teachers and professors can use the verb finder to check students’ essays. In case you are a professional writer, you can use it to check your article before publishing. And if you just want to drop a message for anyone and ensure it doesn’t have any mistakes, it is a perfect tool for you as well.  Whatever you are writing, you can use online verb checker in sentences. 

Verb Finder Identifies Mistakes

Online verb finder is made to ensure that your text will be free from any error. An incorrect verb finder tool will detect and fix all your mistakes. Let’s see some of the most popular errors:

The Incorrect Form of the Verb Usage

The right usage of the verbal forms implies many tenses, and knowledge of them is crucial, so frequently, errors with the verb form usage happen. A subject and verb finder tool will check that the subject and the sentence’s verb are written correctly.

For instance, the present continuous is built by adding the form in -ing of the verb to the simple present form to be.

Verb tense mistakes occur while using the wrong verb tense. Such mistakes are the most frequent.

For example:

Incorrect: We were questioning by the lecturer.

Correct: We were questioned by the lecturer.

The Usage of the Incorrect Tense

The different tenses are used in different contexts. For instance, you can use the present simple tense to do something that you normally do, but if you want to describe something you are doing right now, you have to use the present continuous.

Incorrect: What do you do for a living? I am working as a barista.

Correct: What do you do in your life? I work as a barista.

The Verbs and Subject Agreement 

Incorrect: I was walking then I meet you.  

Correct: I was walking, then I met you.

The verb “meet” is written in an inconsistent form. I was walking shows that something happened in the past. The verb in the second part of the sentence must agree with the verb in the first part. 

More Features of Verb Finder Online

Verb finder in sentence has additional features. Except for form a verb finder, it is:

  • A subject and verb finder tool
  • Other parts of speech finder (e.g., adverb checker)
  • Additional suggestions on grammar improvements
  • Plagiarism checker

What else do you want from a verb finder?

Benefits of Verb Finder in Sentence

There are many benefits in using verb finder online:

verb finder benefits
  • You are sure your writing is error-free. With the functions of free verb checker and corrector, checker, and corrector functions, your text will be impeccable.
  • Your content will be engaging. With additional suggestions, your writing will be improved.
  • You get more functions in one tool. It is not only about verbs! Our noun, adjective, verb finder is about all the aspects of your text, including plagiarism reports.
  • Save your time from long corrections. By using incorrect verb form checker, you will be able to make the job faster, and you will enjoy your free time more than before.
  • You don’t need to download it, as it is online. Cleaning your memory to find a place for downloads is not necessary. 

Supreme Verb Identifier Online App

Correct verb and tense-related mistakes comprehensively with the help of our online verb finder free tool

Manual Correction of Sentences Vs Using Our Verb Detector Tool

You can check your text in three main ways such as “Do It Yourself” or DIY project, using manual editing services from professional editors and using an online automated subject and verb finder in a sentence online application. First, both methods fall in the category of manual checking of sentence errors, and using an online subject verb finder is an automated method powered by software and modern technologies.

Both methods have their own positives and negatives that govern their popularity and effectiveness among the writers to check their respective writings. The difference between both manual and automated methods in terms of quality, ease, monetary, accuracy, and many other factors is mentioned in the table.

Comparing factors Manual sentence correctionUsing our verb phrase finder tool
Expertise & ExperienceThe manual process of sentence correction whether based on a DIY project or a professional editing service requires extensive knowledge of grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and many other aspects of writing standards and norms. Other than that level of expertise, manual editing requires vast hands-on experience to produce high-quality resultsUsing an automated verb and subject finder in a sentence tool does not require any kind of experience in editing and proofreading of English text as well as any extensive knowledge of grammar, punctuation, spelling or any other aspect of writing standards at all. Online tool checks for all mistakes and provides a perfect solution for that issue simultaneously.
Editing costThe average editing cost of manual professional service is huge compared to an automated cost. This big cost encompasses only editing charges and is done once only. If you want to change your draft a little and want to get it checked again, you will have to pay extra. For any additional service, you will also be charged extra costs other than the basic one. Thus, it is not a cost-efficient method at all.Our verb and subject finder tool is available in both freemium and premium subscriptions. The freemium version is free of charge and offers numerous basic features that are sufficient for normal editing. The premium version is available at a very small monthly fee. It has numerous advanced features such as plagiarism, tone, effectiveness, engagement, and many other features. Thus, you save huge editing costs by using our online sentence corrector tool.
Editing timeThe average time required for performing editing manually for any document depends on the length of the document. Normally, the editing time for any single page is not less than a couple of minutes or even more than that.The average editing and proofreading process time of our online sentence corrector application is very fast. It takes just a couple of seconds or even less than that to check one page. Thus, it is incomparably faster than the manual editing process.   
Turnaround time (TAT)The overall turnaround time to get the checked version of a draft through a manual editing process, irrespective of what method is chosen, may range from a few days to even weeks in the case of larger documents. Thus, you need to wait in long queues before you get your document back from professional service providers.The turnaround time for receiving an edited copy through a tool to find verb in sentence online is much smaller than manual editing. Normally, checking is performed within a few seconds or a minute time through our online tool. The correction may take a few minutes or even less than an hour if there is a huge document to check online.  
Process efficiencyThe efficiency of the manual editing process is much lower than that of online software platforms due to the direct human intervention.Powered by the fastest infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies, the efficiency of the editing process through our online tool is substantially high.
Chances of error skippingThe manual process of document proofreading and editing service is performed by professionals. Thus, the chances of skipping errors are very high due to the involvement of human factors. Human error is always a major factor in numerous precision-based applications across industries.The chances of missing errors that are already defined and understood by the software-based application are almost zero. Due to the incorporation of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), the chances of missing those errors that have been corrected a few times are also negligible because software continuously learns from our online activities.
Level of process accuracyThe accuracy level of manual editing is very good due to the capabilities of knowledgeable and experienced professionals, but the chances of missing out can cause some serious issues.Our subject finder tool is designed with the help of cutting-edge technologies and detailed input from a range of professionals such as linguists, grammaticians, and other specialists. Thus, the accuracy of our online tool is considered one of the topmost apps in the marketplace.
Additional featuresAny additional feature or service subscribed in the manual process is charged with additional money. The number of additional features is also limited as compared to online applications.Our online sentence finder tool offers a wide range of additional features other than sentence error corrections such as active-passive misuses, parts of speech corrections, direct indirect problems, plagiarism and tone detection, and much more without any additional charges than a flat monthly fee.
Plagiarism detection optionAny plagiarism detection service costs you additional chargesAvailable for free in the premium version without any additional charges
Tone detection optionDetection of tone through a manual process is very difficult and tricky. Mostly, the results depend upon the skills and understanding of editors. An additional fee is also charged for this service.Our online subject and verb detector application can detect the tone and effectiveness of your text to match the nature of the target audience perfectly. No additional charge incurs at all
Working hour limitsManual process is subjected to working hours, holidays, vacations, and many other factorsOnline tool available around the clock without any break or interruption
Unlimited checking of draftsLimited checking timesUnlimited checking times without any additional charges
Option for learning editing skillsThere is no option to learn editing skills from the manual process performed by professionals because you get an edited copy without any discussion at all.You continually learn through our online subject checker tool through suggestive options with detailed explanations.

Do not hesitate! Use verb finder in a sentence online and save your time!