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Prepositions are just small words, but this does not mean that they are not necessary. They can make a huge impact on the sentences that you are making. The more that you can convey the messages of your sentences properly, the more that people who are reading your sentences will understand.

Not using prepositions correctly can be confusing. Many readers will feel like you are trying to say something but will not get your point. You want to use the right tools like a preposition checker to use prepositions correctly.

Present Preposition Finder Tool

Grammar is still one of the things that people look at whenever they check websites. They can look at product descriptions and notice if some words are misused. You want your prepositions to be used correctly, which is why you should check the precise preposition finder in a sentence.

You can practice and review prepositions whenever you have some free time. Yet, it does not change that you are bound to make some mistakes. Having the right online preposition checker, such as the prepositional phrase finder will help you determine what you should change.

If you are a student, you can make use of the preposition calculator and all the other tools that can help you improve the use of prepositions. Grammar preposition checker is easy to use, as it’s online and 24/7 hours available to use, so you can use it unlimitedly. You can use the money you have on other things that are more important to you. For example, your requirements in school may cost a bit of money. There are proofreading tools available online which would require some subscription. Using this preposition sentence checker is very convenient because you do not need to download or install it anymore. You just need to be connected to the internet, and you will be able to access it anytime.

This preposition identifier can also be useful for people who are trying to go up the career ladder. You will be able to go further in life because you will have a better command of the English language. This will help you create reports, finalize presentations, and so much more. You can start by improving your prepositions with the use of this tool. In no time, you can begin to detect some mistakes in the subject and verb agreements, know how to do proper sentence structures, and so much more.

Benefits of Using Preposition Checker Online

The preposition finder will come with a lot of benefits, such as the following:

  • You will have peace of mind when you submit your work. You know that it has been checked thoroughly and it will be accepted.
  • There is no need to spend any money on this tool. Other tools would require you to pay a monthly subscription. This will not require you to pay anything. You just need to go to the website and use the tool whenever you need it.
  • You can save time and use the time doing other important things. The tool will give you results within seconds. You can make the necessary corrections, save it, and submit the document that you have created. You will have ample time to spend on other things.
benefits of preposition checker online

Efficient Prepositions Finder Online Tool

Find and fix the most complex and tricky mistakes to make your writing perfect by using our online preposition phrase finder tool

Challenges in Correcting Prepositions

Prepositions are small words used to connect two nouns or pronouns in a sentence, but they are very tricky and complex to understand properly. Long and rigorous training in the English language is required to grasp different aspects of prepositions, prepositional phrases, and their correct use in sentences. Thus, getting full command over the effective use of prepositions is a very uphill task without any support from an online prepositional phrase calculator tool due to a wide range of issues that arise in the form of challenges for the learners, especially those who use English as a foreign or second language (EFL or ESL). The most important challenges faced by any normal EFL or ESL learners may include:

Challenge #1 The most complex nature of prepositions

Prepositions are considered the most complex and tricky parts of speech in the English language as compared to other ones. The main reasons for their complexity and difficulty to handle are the nature of their uses such as:

  • Prepositions are used for adjunct roles in sentences
  • They are also utilized for marking the arguments of predicates
  • The formation of phrases with different parts of speech creates completely a new meaning that is not only unreasoned but also incredibly diverse
  • Carrying fixed prepositions with numerous types of words to learn by heart without any other choice
  • And a few other roles too

In all those distinct roles, the meanings also change with the change of preposition before any noun or pronoun in the form of a subject or an object. Similarly, the meaning of those phrases also varies significantly; for instance, check the meaning variation of: by the beach, on the beach, at the beach, and near the beach. You can cope with this challenge by using our prepositional phrase checker online tool easily. 

Challenge #2 Contradictory rules to use prepositions correctly

There are specific rules for using prepositions correctly that are in contrast to the basic principles of other regulations. In one example, one rule of correct use of prepositions forces you to omit the preposition that is required in the sentence. On the contrary, another rule says that put an additional preposition in the sentence where it seems that no preposition is required at that place. Similarly, there is another very authoritarian rule that forces you to add an incorrect preposition in the sentences. There are certain rules that govern the combinations of prepositional phrases and their respective meanings. They are also very contradictory in nature. Using our correct preposition checker online tool helps you face this challenge perfectly.

Challenge #3 Native language meddling

The interference of the native language, mainly for learners who use English as a second language (ESL), is one of the major challenges to face. The use of prepositions in the native languages of learners is different from English, and they are naturally trained in their respective languages. This format and position or using prepositions in a sentence are inherited naturally by ESL learners. This creates a big problem for them to grasp the concept and proper use of preposition in the English language and lead to committing many mistakes in their writing. Using our preposition checker free application can help face this challenge more effectively.

Challenge #4 Grasping the correct use of prepositions

There are numerous conditions in which different prepositions are used for mentioning the same situation in the sentences. To express a connection of a noun with a location, two different prepositions are used such as:

Example: Adam lives at block 10 in the city. (Shows location)

Example: Adam lives in New York City. (Shows location)

In both cases, the location is connected to the subject (Adam); but, different prepositions are used. There are many such types of situations where different prepositions are used for connecting two nouns. This is one of the major challenges for learners in English. You can solve these issues by using our online prepositions checker tool efficiently.

Challenge #5 Idiomatic Prepositional phrases with unreasoned meanings

The combination of two prepositions or other parts of speech with prepositions makes an idiomatic phrase, which shows completely a new meaning without any background or direct idea. For instance, give in (surrendering or admitting defeat), get on (having a friendly relationship), get across (imparting ideas clearly to others), and many other similar types of combinations. It becomes an uphill task for learners to guess the meaning of those phrases of prepositions. Our free online preposition checker can make your life easier in tackling such prepositional issues.

Challenge #6 Irregular combinations of prepositions with different words

In the English language, there are numerous words, especially verbs, and adjectives, which take fixed prepositions without any proper justification or logical explanations. The use of those words neither resembles the rules used in other languages nor any specific rule that can define the conditions or usage in English. The learners are supposed to learn such combinations by heart. Thus, it becomes an undesirable activity for EFL learners. Our prepositional phrases finder is one of the best online supports that can help you face this challenge easily.

Challenge #7 Irregular addition and omission of prepositions

In certain cases, the English language supports irregular omissions and additions of prepositions unevenly without any supportive rule. To explain this, look at the following examples:

Example: We bought an umbrella when we reached New York.

(There is a forced omission of the preposition “in” before New York. It is not in line with the rules of using prepositions of locations in sentences)

Example: Anne is married to Michael.

(Due to special usage in English, the preposition “to” is placed additionally. This is also a matter of inherency of the English language that does not match with the rules of other languages)

In the first example, a preposition of location is omitted without any proper rules because in other examples like “I live in New York” takes in before the location. The same case is with the second example in which an additional preposition has been inserted after “married”. To address such confusion without any formal training, you can use our preposition checker online free tool with full confidence.

Common Mistakes When Using Prepositions in a Sentence

Just in case you are still not too familiar with prepositions, these are the words in, on, at, for, to, and so much more. They may seem simple, but they can be tricky to use. This explains why people sometimes have a hard time using them.

These are some of the common prepositional mistakes that people are guilty of making:

  1. Arrive at, Arrive in, or Arrive on. You should always use arrive at when you are talking about another place. For example, if you are pertaining to a country or a city, you can say, “We will be arriving at Amsterdam in an hour.”
  2. Using “in” or “on” with dates. If you are going to pertain to days and dates, you should always use “on.” This is especially true if you are trying to be specific. If you are not pertaining to a specific date, this is the time when you should use “in.” For example, if you are only going to say the month, you can use “in.” If you are going to use the month with the present day, you are going to use “on.”
  3. Depends + Preposition. Some people become confused with what preposition they would use after using the word “depends.” If you are going to describe any form of dependency, it is best to stick with “on.” This will reduce the possible mistakes that you are going to make.
mistakes when using prepositions

There are still other prepositional mistakes that you may make. The precise preposition and conjuction finder will help you determine these mistakes with prepositions and other parts of speech such as noun and verb, as the tool checks each part of speech as well, so you may use it as conjunctions finder and fix them immediately. There is no need to spend a lot of time wondering if the prepositions you have used are correct.

 Improve the way that you use your prepositions with the use of the preposition finder online now!