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A powerful tool that can be used to find pronouns, check and fix them can be used for any kind of writer: Professors, students, professional writers, and anyone who wants to improve their writing. It works with all kinds of texts: essays, articles, curriculums, reports, and more.  What else about pronoun sentence finder?

It works as:

The tool is made to create high-quality text much easier. As a subject and object pronoun finder, it will help users write well. As a pronoun error finder, it will make correcting texts faster. It is a complete tool; it also works as a first and second-person pronoun finder!

Mistakes that Pronoun Finder Will Fix

Pronoun finder online is the best tool you can use to avoid committing mistakes!

What kind of mistakes? Here are some of the most common ones. 

Disagreement Pronoun-Antecedent

When using pronouns, they must agree with the noun they are indicating. This means that the number, the gender, and the person of the pronoun must be the same as the noun.

Let’s see the following sentence:

Incorrect: Maria is tired and they is going to sleep.

Correct: Maria is tired, and she is going to sleep.

Maria is the noun. It is singular, feminine, and it refers to a person. “She” is the pronoun. It is singular, feminine, and it refers to a person. “Maria is tired and they is going to sleep” is a mistake because pronoun “they” is plural.

The Agreement Between Nouns and Pronouns Is Unclear

When using pronouns, you shouldn’t confuse noun/pronoun agreement. Just like other parts of speech, pronouns and nouns should agree in number within a sentence: if pronoun is single, noun should be single as well. 

For example, the following sentence is wrong:

Incorrect: When Maria and Sarah went to the cinema, she laughed a lot.

Correct: When Maria and Sarah went to the cinema, they laughed a lot.

There are two nouns (plural) and one pronoun in the sentence. 

Confusing Pronouns Reference Usage

Using a pronoun without specifying the noun in the sentence is a common mistake. Of course, nouns can be omitted to avoid tautology, but you should be careful if you want to correctly convey the meaning of what was said and avoid remote references.

Incorrect: When it rains, it is messy.

Correct: When it rains, the street is messy.

Pronoun Shift in Person

Incorrect: I love coming to Rome, where you may see beautiful architecture.

Correct: I love coming to Rome, where I may see beautiful architecture.

Such a mistake may occur with pronouns is a wrong shift in person; this error refers to the relations between the participants in the event or action. First and second person pronoun finder will help to determine such mistakes

Misplaced Pronouns

Ensure your pronoun is in the right place.

Incorrect: Yours is old, and my car is pretty is a wrong sentence.

Correct: The right way to write it is my car is pretty, yours is old.

With our pronoun finder, you will avoid these mistakes!

Pronoun Finder Tips

Our pronoun finder will help you find the right way to use pronouns.

Here are some tips:

  1. Use pronouns to avoid repetitions. You should avoid repetition by using the right pronouns instead of writing the noun twice. For instance, “Maria is my sister, and Maria is pretty” is wrong. “Maria is my sister, and she is pretty” sounds better.
  1. Check pronoun/noun agreement. In the sentence “Maria is my sister, and she is pretty,” she is the correct pronoun to use. Using a pronoun as he or it is wrong.
  1. Ensure that pronoun reference is right. “When Joe and David met, Joe was happy” is better than When Joe and David met, he was happy, even if the noun Joe is repeated because it’s obvious who is the doer of the action. 
  1. Avoid pronoun shifts. Avoiding such grammatical errors when an author starts a sentence, using one specific type of pronoun, and then abruptly switches to another will improve your writing.
  1. Do not misplace pronouns.

For example: “Who, Whose, Which, Whom, and That” are relative pronouns, and you should always write them before the verb.

If you are looking for ways to fix mistakes with pronouns usage, it is easy with the right pronoun finder. Using our pronoun finder means being sure to create high-quality texts!